Are you a film fan? What about soundtracks? Many people believe they are one of the key elements of a movie. In case you agree with them, a film music concert is the right kind of event for you.

Popular soundtracks concerts for everyone

Have you ever heard of such a kind of performance? They are organised for both cinema fans and those who are just fond of good music. Indeed, in many cases, soundtracks are real masterpieces that impress with professionalism and just touch every string in the heart. When you are listening to the soundtrack from your favourite film, you can dive into the corresponding atmosphere, recollect your favourite characters, and feel the positive emotions related to this film again. Among the most famous composers creating melodies for movies and cartoons, we must mention such big names as Hans Zimmer, Ludovico Einaudi, and Max Richter.

Concerts with movie soundtracks will conquer your heart

At first glance, it may seem to you that there are not so many songs from films that have won popularity. But, in practice, there are hundreds of them, for example, soundtracks from The Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter, The Witcher, Pirates of the Caribbean, Doctor Zhivago, The Intouchables, Black Swan, I’m Still Here, Waltz with Bashir, Lost and Found, My Lies — My Love, Escobar: Paradise Lost, The Last Days on Mars, This Is England, James Bond, Rain Man, Thelma & Louise, K2, The Lion King, The Thin Red Line, Hannibal, The Last Samurai, Madagascar, Sherlock Holmes, Pearl Harbor, and many more.

Where to listen to an orchestra playing soundtracks 

One of the most known orchestras specialising in music from films and cartoons in the UK is Mystery Ensemble — they have been sharing their unique talent with the public for many years. This is a professional orchestra playing violins, viola, cello, piano, and organ. Their repertoire embraces classical music, neoclassics, rock, pop, jazz, and hundreds of legendary soundtracks. They are so good at what they do that you will definitely fall in love with them from the very first performance.

Enjoy music from the movies by candlelight with RED EVENTS

This agency specialises in organising atmospheric and enchanting live music events in unexpected and unique locations, for example:

  • London

    The Grand Clapham Junction

    Stationers Hall

    Kensington United Reformed Church

    St Mary's Church (Putney)

  • Oxford

    Jacqueline du Pré Music Building

  • Norwich

    The Halls

  • Edinburgh

    The Reid Concert Hall.

As you can see, every location is unique and leaves an unforgettable impression from the very first glance. Forget about conventional concert halls with usual decorations — RED EVENTS will show you a different level of entertainment: ancient architecture, chamber atmosphere, semidarkness, candles, video projections, and a welcome drink as a bonus. You will never get back to ordinary concerts again. Luckily, RED EVENTS offers a diversified program: from aspiring singers to world-known stars and from pop to rock and opera. No doubt, they will easily find an option to suit your unique musical taste.

FAQ about soundtracks music

Soundtrack music is music that is specifically composed and recorded for use in a movie, television show, or video game.
The type of music used in soundtracks can vary greatly depending on the genre and tone of the project. It can range from orchestral scores to popular songs to electronic music.
Soundtrack music is created by composers who are specifically hired to write music for a particular project. The most famous composers of our time - Ludovico Einaudi, Hans Zimmer, Hans Zimmer
Some popular soundtrack albums include the soundtrack to Titanic, Guardians of the Galaxy, and The Lion King.