When surfing the Web or walking around your city, you will probably see lots of posters advertising neoclassical concerts. Yet when seeing such ads most people get puzzled about whether they would enjoy this kind of music. Therefore, we have decided to acquaint you with it.

What is neoclassicism in music?

Today, neoclassical music is one of the most popular and widespread styles in music. It is based on classical music, and that is why it is characterised by clarity, order, perfect balance, and emotional restraint. Composers working in this style strived to offer an alternative to romanticism, i.e. to its emotionalism and a lack of a strict form. As a result, they combined the most advantageous components of classicism and complemented them with contemporary trends — more modern chromatic elements, dissonance, and diversified rhythms. In simple words, neoclassicism is a mixture of the best of classicism and contemporary melodies.

At this point, the style may still seem somewhat remote and complicated, however, in practice, you have definitely heard a lot of neoclassics. For example, have you watched such films as Black Swan, Doctor Zhivago, Waltz with Bashir, Pearl Harbor, or The Pirates of the Caribbean? In case you’ve seen at least one of these masterpieces and remember the soundtracks for it, you are already well-acquainted with this style of music. Now, let us mention a couple of names of composers that exemplify neoclassicism. Ludovico Einaudi — the composer of the soundtracks to Black Swan and Doctor Zhivago — is known for combining opposite genres and trends, such as classical, rock, pop, minimalism, and folk melodies. Another gifted neoclassical composer Max Richter — who also mixes his classical training with modern trends — can boast one million albums sold (thus, one can safely claim that neoclassicism is popular with a wide audience). Finally, we would like to familiarise you with Hans Zimmer — who is a big name in Hollywood as he has created soundtracks to dozens of top-rate films: The Pirates of the Caribbean, Pearl Harbor, The Lion King, Madagascar, Sherlock Holmes, and many others. His characteristic feature is to mix classic orchestra melodies with electronic music.

Why should you visit a neoclassics concert?

Although you can hear the best pieces of neoclassical music in films or electronic albums, listening to live music is a special treat. When listening to an orchestra playing intricate melodies, you will have an opportunity to hear and evaluate the depth of each masterpiece to the full. Such a concert will not leave you indifferent — the music will touch the most hidden strings of your heart and will take you away from daily troubles — to the world of beauty, fantasy, and bright feelings. No recording can fully convey the meaningfulness of the original melody. Do not be afraid that you may get bored or may fail to understand the idea of the piece — due to the mix of varied genres, neoclassical music will appeal to virtually every contemporary listener.

Where to visit neoclassic music events?

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FAQ Neoclassic music

Neoclassical music is a style of music that emerged in the early 20th century and sought to return to the classical forms and structures of the 18th century, while incorporating modern harmonies, rhythms, and instrumentation.
Neoclassical music is a modern interpretation of classical music, characterized by a fusion of classical forms and structures with modern harmonies, rhythms, and instrumentation. Classical music refers to the music of the Baroque, Classical, and Romantic periods, which were characterized by specific forms, styles, and instrumentation.
Here you can listen to the neoclassics of such great composers as Ludovico Einaudi, Hans Zimmer, Max Richter.