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Have you heard The Four Seasons by Vivaldi? Sure, you know this legendary masterpiece of classical music. What about its contemporary interpretation by the famous film composer Max Richter? If not, we offer you to hear and watch its performance by Mystery Ensemble in the ancient London church. 

Who is Max Richter?

He is a British musician — composer and pianist. He has a top-grade education — the University of Edinburgh and the Royal Academy of Music. He started his career as a pianist for Piano Circus and Future Sound of London. Yet, over some time, he decided to devote his time to composition mainly. As of now, he can boast 10 solo albums, one million album sales, and over a billion streams. Yet, to a wide audience, he is known for his soundtracks mainly. So, he has created music for over 50 feature and documentary films such as Waltz with Bashir, Lost and Found, My Words, My Lies — My Love, Sarah's Key, Escobar: Paradise Lost, The Last Days on Mars, and others. Besides, he is known for creating music for stage, opera, and ballet. Speaking about his titles, the list is too long, yet, we must mention the “European Film Award” for his work at Waltz with Bashir in the first place. 

Why come to a Max Richter concert?

Such a show is a must-see for everyone who is interested in classical or contemporary instrumental music as MaxRichter is one of the most influential figures in this niche. When working on his masterpieces, he combines such styles as minimalism and contemporary classics. He is keen on combining his classical training with modern motives and trends. A tribute show to Max Richter will appeal to both experts in neo-classics and those who are just starting to get acquainted with this style along with those who love his soundtracks and want to know his talent more closely. Do not doubt and devote at least one evening to enjoying masterpieces created by this outstanding musician. 

Why buy ticket for Max Richter concert by RED EVENTS?

This company is a leader in organizing memorable music events with a unique atmosphere. You will get thrilled as soon as you see the location of the show — the real ancient church in the heart of royal London. Furthermore, your night will start with a welcome glass of exquisite wine that will help you get in a relaxed mood. Afterward, you can find your seat in the solemn hall with an intricate interior lit with candles and projectors — light effects are an important and indispensable part of this show. The semi-darkness, candlelight, and video show will make the atmosphere intimate and mysterious, which will perfectly suit the upcoming performance by Mystery Ensemble. The masterful live music show by the professional orchestra consisting of violins, a violoncello, a piano, and a viola will charm you. As we’ve already mentioned above, they will play the most famous work by Vivaldi — The Four Seasons — to be more accurate, its modern version by Max Richter. This masterpiece will help you learn how these two composers see four calendar seasons, as well as different regions of Italy. Come to this event, and, we promise, you will not get disappointed — it will be a thoroughly different kind of concert. You will not want to visit conventional performances in music halls after that. RED EVENTS will show you how to enjoy music to the full. This concert will certainly live in your memory for many many years.