Concerts with music by Hans Zimmer

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Did you watch James Bond, Gladiator, Inception, Interstellar, Dune, or Pirates of the Caribbean? Do you remember the enchanting soundtracks accompanying those films? What would you say if we proposed to you to listen to them live? We invite you to attend these upcoming concerts of music created by Hans Zimmer.

Who is Hans Zimmer?

He is best known as the German composer creating music for full-length films and cartoons, yet he also works as a music producer. As of now, for his creative work, he has already won two Oscars and four Grammys — the most authoritative awards in the industry. At the beginning of his career, he worked as a pianist (both keyboard and synthesizer) as a member of the bands Krakatoa, The Buggles, Krisma, Helden, Mecano, Shriekback, and The Damned. Notably, he has no formal music education as he doesn’t like that format — he is completely self-taught. During his London period, he also created plenty of film music which was a masterful mix of traditional orchestra melodies with electronic music. The most well-known of his works of that period are Moonlighting, Terminal Exposure, and The Last Emperor. Afterwards, he moved to Hollywood where his career flourished even more brightly. Let us name a few works from his American period: music and scores for Rain Man, Thelma & Louise, K2, Drop Zone, The Lion King, The Thin Red Line, Hannibal, The Last Samurai, Madagascar, Sherlock Holmes, Pearl Harbor, and The Pirates of the Caribbean. No doubt, you’ve seen most of these masterpieces and remember those beautiful soundtracks that have touched the deepest strings of all our hearts. This composer can justly be called one of the most influential personalities in today’s Hollywood culture.

Why visit a Hans Zimmer concert?

It will be not only about listening to a dynamic fusion of classical music with electronic melodies and tribal motives. In the first place, it will be about remembering your favourite films and cartoons, which can freely be called some of the biggest masterpieces of cinematography of the 20th and 21st centuries, along with the best moments of your childhood or, maybe, youth. However, even if you didn’t watch most of the films mentioned, this event will surely leave an unforgettable impression. You will fall in love with the music by this composer. Besides, it will at the very least serve as a push to watch some of the films which showcase his music. 

Where to buy a ticket for a Hans Zimmer concert?

We recommend you turn to RED EVENTS — this famous company specialises in organizing atmospheric events with live music. This particular concert will take place in an ancient church with picturesque architecture and a mesmerising interior. You will be pleasantly surprised by the intimate and magnificent atmosphere reigning there. First, you will be invited to a welcome drink so that you can easily get into a suitable mood. Then, you will find yourself sitting in the ceremonial hall flooded with candlelight. The performance by the Mystery Ensemble will not leave you indifferent. Their masterful music accompanied by beautiful video and light projections will take you away from your daily routine so that you can focus and enjoy the music to the fullest extent. Try to come to the shows by RED EVENTS, and your life will change. They will open a different level of entertainment to you. In their program, you will find a music show to suit every taste — any genre or style. You will undoubtedly decide to come to their concerts again and again.