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Tribute to Hans Zimmer by Irina Lyakhovskaya (piano) in Oxford

at 19:30
20 – 30
Tribute to Hans Zimmer by Irina Lyakhovskaya (piano) in Oxford photo
About event +

 ✨ А unique concert on June 3rd will take place at 7.30pm in a luxurious and intimate music venue The Jacqueline du Pré Music Building (JdP). 

We are thrilled to present a mesmerizing neoclassical piano solo concert, paying tribute to the legendary composer Hans Zimmer, performed by the exceptionally talented pianist, Irina Lyakhovskaya. The concert promises to captivate audiences with its masterful piano renditions of Zimmer's iconic compositions.

The event will be held at the prestigious Jacqueline du Pre Music Building in Oxford, providing a remarkable setting for an evening of musical brilliance.

Zimmer is the author of soundtracks for films about James Bond, Interstellar, Inception, Dune, Gladiator, Pirates of the Caribbean and hundreds of movie hits. A mesmerizing combination of piano music and creative video projections, created especially for this evening, and a glass of wine at welcome will make the evening unforgettable. The live sound of an authentic Steinway & Sons instrument is at arm's length.

Hans Zimmer is one of the most famous, influential and commercially successful film composers of the 21st century. A man who has had a tremendous impact on the recent history of Hollywood cinema and pop culture in general. He was born to a Jewish family in Germany, but moved to London as a child. Having lost his father early and grieving for the loss, Hans found refuge in music.

In Hollywood, Hans Zimmer is called the "German machine". During his long career, he never paused in work and did not lower the bar of quality. A master of dizzying, suspenseful symphonic parts and electronics, Zimmer became especially popular thanks to his collaboration with director Christopher Nolan. Hans worked on almost all of his films.

The concert program includes selected compositions from the films Gladiator, Inception, Interstellar, Pirates of the Caribbean and many others.

Performers +

Irina Lyakhovskaya (piano)

 *Important! Hanz Ziimer is not taking part in the concert.

Programme +
  • Chevaliers De Sangreal
  • Time
  • The Medallion Calls
  • I see dead people in boats 
  • Davy Jones plays his organ
  • Jack Sparrow
  • Madagascar
  • The Lion King         

And more

Tribute to Hans Zimmer by Irina Lyakhovskaya (piano) in Oxford photo #1
Tribute to Hans Zimmer by Irina Lyakhovskaya (piano) in Oxford photo #2