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Piano Day by Florian Christl & Mystery Ensemble

at 19:30
15 – 50
Piano Day by Florian Christl & Mystery Ensemble photo
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Piano Day is an annual international celebration of piano music, founded by a group of like-minded German composer Niels Frahm in 2015. It is held in all corners of the world every 88th day of the year - according to the number of keys on the piano.

The festival's goal is to create a platform for projects related to the piano, to promote, develop and continue the exchange of centuries-old experience in piano art. Piano Day invites all piano lovers to concerts in the participating cities.

Nils Fram, composer, project initiator:

— Why does the world need a Piano Day? For many reasons. But, first of all, to honour the instrument itself and all those associated with it: performers, composers, piano creators, tuners, and, most importantly, listeners.

At the end of March, a wide variety of events will be held around the world, based on performances by contemporary pianists.

We invite you to the Piano Day festival in London - German composer Florian Christl, accompanied by Mystery Ensemble, will present his touching, exciting and stunning works. 

Brilliant author's music, improvisations, an immense range of emotions and feelings.

This amazing musical celebration is an integral part of the cultural life of London!

🥂 All guests will be invited to enjoy a welcome drink before the show.

Performers +

🎹 Florian Christl

Florian Christl’s passionate way of playing the Piano and his distinctive style of composition, which is both exciting and deeply moving, show the all-encompassing love for music of the Munich-based composer. The mix of sometimes soothing, sometimes powerful piano sounds in combination with extremely imaginative and exciting string arrangements makes Florian Christl’s music unique in a very special way. His music is radically unafraid of appealing directly to our emotions, which makes attending his live performance an exceedingly deep and moving experience. 

Improvisation is Florian’s most important creative method. For him, composing is a deeply personal, almost intimate process in which the composer remains alone with his music and his thoughts. The aim is to create a space to think, that can be experienced individually; a place where it’s all about: „It’s time to leave reality behind, to sink in thoughts to feel alive.“

In his current live program, Florian Christl plays pieces from his new album "About Time" (September 16, 2022, Sony Classical) as well as a selection of his best works.

🎻 Mystery Ensemble

The mysterious fleur of the concert will be created by the unique connection between musicians with the surrounding them architecture & tech innovations. Video projections over the vaults of the 19th-century church and stately pipe organ help the ensemble to transfer the audience into the cryptic world of her majesty’s the music.

Programme +

In his current live programme Florian plays pieces from his new album "About Time" (September 16, 2022) as well as selection of his best works.

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