We promptly make up landing pages for projects, finalize existing sites, advise on site building, usability;

We take upon ourselves the building of relations and interaction with the Russian Authors' Society, we will achieve the most favorable conditions for cooperation;

We set up online and offline ticket sales, maintain personal accounts on ticket platforms, make plans and develop sales strategies, use the latest digital marketing tools when selling tickets online (promotional codes, viral promotional codes, dynamic price changes, price increase announcements, promotions and other tools ) - we provide customer support by phone and online 7 days a week

Typesetting, planning and conducting regular marketing and branding emails to promote the project | team | brand;

We create and develop corporate identity and project creatives | team | brand, integrate them on the sites, develop and typeset digital and printed marketing products, replicate such products;

We establish cooperation and subsequent interaction with key ticket operators of the market (more than 20 operators);

We interact with venues for events, achieve the most favorable conditions for renting a venue and equipment;

We are engaged in the technical equipment of the site for the event - we provide qualified administrative staff;

We form a marketing strategy in the digital space, launch, analyze and regularly optimize advertising campaigns (main field of activity: Facebook Ads manager, additional: Google Ads, VK, Yandex.Direct), form the target audience of the project | team for the subsequent increase in a permanent target audience - we maintain a client base assigned exclusively to the project | collective, without any cross-marketing campaigns involving this client base (leakage of contacts is excluded);

We provide highly qualified legal support, up to protecting the interests of the project | team | brand in the event of disputes;

We will take care of bookkeeping, and if necessary, we will provide our own legal entity for doing business, sales;

We work with leading volunteer organizations and charities.