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Music & Love: Tribute to Enigma. Enya. Neoclassica by Mystery Ensemble

at 19:00
25 – 45
Music & Love: Tribute to Enigma. Enya. Neoclassica by Mystery Ensemble photo
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А unique concert on February 18th will take place at 7.00 pm in an ancient hall in the heart of the St. Paul's cathedral Borough. The evening programme includes the best of Enigma, Enya and neoclassical music performed by the extraordinary Mystery ensemble in an intimate & relaxing atmosphere.

Virtuoso playing the saxophone, the magic of the flute, the charm of the French horn — the brightest instrumental extravaganza will create a heavenly instrumental sound.

✨Celtic music combined with neoclassical music — a completely new sound of great hits!

Enigma's mysterious music is a cosmic synthesis of sounds, ethnic motifs, rhythm and feelings. Enigma (from ancient Greek "riddle") speaks for itself: the studio project was conceived as something mysterious - no one was supposed to know the performers.

The angelic vocals of the famous Irish singer Enya have been captivating listeners worldwide for more than 30 years. The complexity and multi-layered voice parts in her songs are truly unique. The virtuoso musicians of the Mystery Ensemble will try to convey this sound in an instrumental arrangement.

 🥂All guests will be invited to enjoy a welcome drink before the show.

This program also available at 5:00 pm. Get tickets for 5:00 pm.

The concert organisers are the creative agency RED EVENTS & Distribution, which makes bright concerts and shows in atmospheric places worldwide. Official UK website:

Performers +

🎻Mystery Ensemble 

The mysterious fleur of the concert will be created by the unique connection between musicians with the surrounding them architecture & lights. Lights installation over the vaults of the 19th-century church and stately pipe organ help the ensemble to transfer the audience into the cryptic world of her majesty’s the music.

Programme +


Enigma - Back to the Rivers of Belief
Enigma - Sadeness
Enigma - Principles of Lust
Enigma - Return to Innocence
Era - Ameno
M.Nyman - Songs for Tony
Enya - Only Time
Enya - May it Be
L.Einaudi - Petricor
L.Einaudi - Expiriense
L.Einaudi - Una Mattina
L.Einaudi - Primavera

Music & Love: Tribute to Enigma. Enya. Neoclassica by Mystery Ensemble
£ 25 – 45